Monday, March 2, 2009

Republican Party is not by Nature Conservative

The Republican party is not by nature conservative, and yet conservatives keep promoting the Republican party. Go figure!

I've heard it all before... ya, ya, ya... gay marriage, dial #1 for english, illegal immigration, abortion, etc these are all over-used push-button emotional issues the Republicans tease us with over and over again but do nothing about. They want to blame it on the gridlock in Washington. They don't want to resolve these issues. It's these hip-pocket issues they pull out every 4 years that help them get elected. Ya, ya, ya... it's like a broken record.... remember the Republicans have had control of the White House, Supreme Court, Senate, and House of Representatives for 6 out of the past 8 years and what did they do?

Did they push forward a conservative agenda? No!

So how did they spend their political collateral? Deregulating the financial system (i.e. stocks, bonds, hedge funds, insurance, investment banking, and runaway commodities markets), and taking us to war in Iraq - a country who never attacked us. George W. Bush took the political risk. He knew that the Iraq war, or I should say, invasion and occupation, could cost us the House and Senate and sure enough it also brought Nancy Pelosi into power two years ago. Don't blame anyone but Bush and his awful presidency for destroying the Republican party and bringing those liberals into power. It's the war, high food and oil prices, and the laizzez-faire unbridled capitalism that is bringing Obama into the White House with absolute full control of our federal government going to the Democrats. Look, read your history, it happens every time! The pendulum always swings the other way - if you want unbridled laizzez-faire capitalism like we had in the 1920s, well get ready for some serious market-oriented socialism like we had in the 1930s.

I don't know why so many Republicans defend Bush #1 and Bush #2 so much when they have been the worst presidents in modern history. McCain spent the past 7 years fighting to defend Bush's policies and war agenda. Now he wants to distance himself. Americans aren't that forgetful. They associate McCain with the failed Bush Republican policies of the past 8 years. I believe the country would be better off with Ron Paul. However, he's not running.

Now the choice for me is Obama versus McCain - but these guys are surrogates. What people are really thinking is... Clinton versus Bush. And I know what people are feeling deep down in their hearts... Clinton left this country better off than when he took it over from Bush #1 - in spite of Jocelyn Elders, Janet Reno, Monica Lewinsky, and the two dozen or more scandalous pardons he issued to the highest bidders. Even still, I and millions of Americans believe the country is far worse after Bush #2 than it was 8 years ago under Clinton.

The tax issue is a real deal. But I figure I'll have to pay an additional 2% per year as my marginal tax rate of 35% goes to 39% on my earnings above $250,000. But it's very reasonable to conclude that the government deficit will be reduced or eliminated like in the Clinton Administration. NAFTA and the other free-trade agreements will be eliminated or renegotiated to help the hard working middle-class from the vicious cycle of unemployment, re-training (usually at their expense) and re-employment over and over again. And we'll get out of the war in Iraq costing us taxpayers $200+ billion per year.

These and the many other Obama policies have been formulated by great minds like Warren Buffett, Paul O'Neil, William Donaldson, Paul Volker, and Colin Powell - a dream team of responsible Republicans who care about America's future and want to have this country governed well. This mind trust will help Obama stabilize the economy and financial markets. I'm not worried one bit about paying more taxes in an Obama administration, I consider it an investment because I'm certain I'll get a good return on my tax dollars through greater financial opportunities and increased personal income.

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